FLPastor Jewel L. Dawson

Lady Jewel Dawson is the wife of Pastor Ahmad J. Dawson, Sr. and the Executive Pastor of The C4 Church located in Norcross, GA. Citadel is arguably one of the fastest growing churches in the Norcross area. This is largely due to the hand of God on the ministry and in part due to the stellar leadership and capable anointing that the Spirit of the Lord has on Lady Jewel’s life. With a practical and thought provoking approach to the Gospel, she teaches with authority and conviction to her local house of worship and a vast array of audiences.

Much of the inspiration that flows through her ministry emanates from her miraculous testimony of how God has healed her body. In 1996 Lady Dawson was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an oft times debilitating abdominal disorder. She was on an average of 17 pills a day and in the hospital for months at a time. In the early part of 2001 Jewel’s diagnoses took a turn for the worse; her doctors had done all they could do. She had dwindled down to a shocking 73 pounds and her weight continued on a downward spiral. She and her husband began to appropriate the principles of faith, through much prayer and confession of the Word of God and a stream of healing was released into her existence; and while her testimony is short her story is intense. She gives all the glory to God and continues to walk in her healing.

When she is not teaching and preaching provocative principles from the Word of God, she can be found leading worship in churches around the nation, as she is an extremely gifted and recorded psalmist. The prophetic nature with which she sings releases access to an open heaven that causes divine atmospheric shifts. It is her belief that worship is one of the key elements in the lost art of intercession.

As the Executive Pastor of The C4 Church she gives leadership to pastoral care of members and overall management of church programming. She has the primary responsibility of coordinating and supervising the staff of the ministry.

Lady Jewel also has as one of her passions the oversight of the Women’s Ministry at The C4 Church. A ministry entitled the Daughter’s Of Virtue and Excellence (D.O.V.E.’s). With a matriarchal touch and a voice of standard she challenges women to reach the greatest level of respect for themselves and achieve their potential in life, while enhancing  their relationship with Christ.

She hopes to soon give birth to a long awaited dream called the HOPE Chest which will facilitate ministry to young girls and women alike, locally and globally.

Lady Jewel Dawson and her husband, Pastor Ahmad Dawson lives in Roswell, GA with their three children Ahmani, A.J., and Autumn.